pharmacy dbms mini project php

In this post, you will get a pharmacy database management system (DBMS) mini project which is developed using PHP, MySQL, and XAMPP. In this mini-project, there will three main modules namely admin login, pharmacist login, and user login.

Let us look at all these three modules in detail one by one.

Admin Module

pharmacy admin login page

To login into the admin module for the first time. Use the default username as “[email protected]” and password as “admin123”. After logging in you can add multiple admins.

In this pharmacy DBMS mini-project, the admin has all the privileges to manage the pharmacy. After logging in as admin, you can see some options on that page like, add admin where the admin can add the other admin to the system. 

Add pharmacist, here the admin can add the pharmacists. The admin can also view the list of pharmacists that are in the system by clicking on the view pharmacist button. The admin can view all the users who are registered in the system and can delete the admin and pharmacist.

Pharmacist Module

pharmacist dashboard

This block allows the pharmacist to login into the system. After logging in, you will observe some options for the pharmacist like add medicine, view stock, and view user.

Add medicine:  Here the pharmacist can add the medicines that will be displayed in the system to the users when they check the medicines or when they search for the medicine in the system.

View stock: It is very difficult to know the stock of the medicines because there will be hundreds of products in the pharmacy store. This option will help them to know the stock of the products easily this will make the task easy for them.

View user: Here the pharmacist can find the user details.

After all the operations the pharmacist can logout from the system.

User Module

This is the block where a user will sign in to the system to view medicines and search for medicines and buy medicines. 

In the view medicines module, you can see all the medicines which are available in the pharmacy. You can search for a specific medicine by clicking on the search medicines option and type in the medicine name.

On the buy medicines page, you should enter the medicine name you want to purchase and type in the quantity want to buy, and hit the buy button. Now the system will calculate the amount and display it on the screen.

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That’s it these are three main modules which we developed in this “pharmacy database management system” mini-project.

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